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American National Insurance Company (ANICO) Company Review

American National Insurance Company (ANICO) was founded in 1905 and offers prospective customers a variety of financial services that include: Life Insurance Annuities Health insurance Pension plan products Property & Casualty insurance Agribusiness Other commercial products As a well established national insurer, ANICO offers their financial products in all 50 states through a distribution system […]

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Use Term Life Insurance to Supplement Your Retirement Plan

Realtors typically agree that they do not want to work forever. Most have a realistic dream of a comfortable retirement where the beach or lake is close by, and the breeze is comforting while spending time in the hammock. Like all professionals, realtors work hard, and they plan hard. It’s in their nature to have […]


Are Marijuana Smokers Considered High Risk to Life Insurers?

When we compare marijuana use today, to usage and stereotyping in the 70s and 80s, the image of clueless marijuana smokers has faded as Americans have come to accept recreational use as a personal choice with minimal consequences. Since more than 50 percent of states have legalized marijuana use in some form, life insurance companies […]