Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer payment terms?

Sorry, no. Experience has shown us that payment plans don’t work well for us. Rather than offer payment plans, we reduced the price on our Premium Web Package to $799.

Who should consider the Premium Package?

The Premium Package is designed for agents who want a custom website that includes content for each page and five blog/articles posted on a regular basis (typically bi-monthly). The premium package was designed to enhance your Google ranking by using professionally written articles that are posted by the writers at LeadSource360 who are experienced in the insurance industry. The Premium Package includes all of the awesome benefits of the basic package plus the content for each page and five 1,000 word articles with relevant graphics and SEO methods.

How does the Content Package work?

The content package consists of 5 1,000-word articles that are posted to your site for you by our technicians. These articles (blogs) will also contain a featured image and relevant graphics that serve to break up the text blocks. Each blog will have at least one call-to-action button to encourage your visitor to get a quote or complete a designated form. The minimum order is for 5 articles and is paid in advance. This package can be purchased as needed and there is no ongoing commitment.


Is their a required number of months that I must purchase the Content Package?

There is no requirement to purchase the content package. If you decide to continue having our firm supply your content, our only requirement is that you purchase five articles at a time. 


Will LeadSource360 be willing to offer references from other customers?

Yes, we are happy to provide references that you can contact regarding our web and content services. Please call our office at (863) 624-4184 for a list of clients.

Can I use my website for multiple types of insurance?

Your site will be customized based on your need for insurance leads. We will certainly be happy to add additional pages for additional types of insurance. Please call the office or send a contact message to confirm pricing for multiple lines of insurance.

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Can you update a website I already own and add content?

Absolutely. We can customize any WordPress site that you own and add content and articles that will help you achieve a better ranking with Google. Please call (863) 624-4184 or email for pricing.

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