Whether you are doing your own SEO work or have hired a freelancer to help boost your ranking in the search engines, it’s good to know what tools are available, especially if they’re free to use. Here, we’ll provide links to various tools that every website owner or manager can take advantage of.

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Most of the time, freelance writers do their best not to copy content from others’ articles and want to deliver a well-written blog that is 100% original, regretfully, such is not always the case.

Small SEO Tools allows anyone to access their free plagiarism check without a cost or subscription.free SEO tools

“With free plagiarism checker tools that can search billions of documents, and find matches even if they are only a few words in length, finding plagiarism has become as easy as detecting information in Google. It is now only a matter of merely processing your query and giving you the results.” Learn More…

It’s also important to note that using another party’s content without attribution might present legal issues as well.

Word Count Checkercalculator

Unless you log in to the back end of your website, you’ll be unable to verify the word count in articles you’ve purchased. This can be aggravating if you find that you’re receiving articles with 1,200 words when you ordered and paid for 1,500 words. With the Small SEO Tools word count checker, you can verify the number of words, sentences, and paragraphs in every article you write or purchase.

When it’s a matter of your blog or website content, keep in mind that there is no specific magical number or quota that will increase your chance of ranking on the front page of Google search results. There’s a very common misconception that a useful article must be a minimum of ____ words, however, that’s not true. In fact, at times less can prove more valuable. If you use twitter then you must know that it can be challenging to produce a witty tweet of particular word count following the character limit but that’s exactly what makes each tweet more valuable. Similarly, when it is about web content, one should never write 500 words for what could be said in 200 words. You can use an online word count tool or letter counter if you want to find out about the count of words and make changes accordingly. Always remember that regardless of the count of words, your text must be valuable to readers. Learn More…

It’s no secret that “content is king” when it comes to ranking in the Search Engines, so take a little extra time to verify that your site appears to have value to the search engines.

Reverse Image Searchimage icon

If you’ve ever received the notorious “image infringement” demand letter, you’ll understand how important it is to only have images you’ve paid for, free to use, or that you’ve created on your website. Although considered a scam, these bottom-feeder attorneys will find you if your site has unlicensed images of their clients or images that require attribution.

The Reverse Image Search tool can help you locate images on your site that may or may not be there legally, plus you can discover other sites that have images you’ve created.

Find Plagiarism: Are you a professional photographer? But you don’t know if someone is using your photos without your permission and giving any credits or if they are claiming the authorship. Then this tool could be of great help to you. Using this free reverse image search tool you can find out about people you might be using your photos illegally for commercial or non-commercial reasons without properly attributing credits. All you have to do is to perform image search using that image and our tool will get you all similar images from other sources. Learn more about images…

Website Page Speed Checkerspeedometer icon

Have you ever clicked on a site only to get that symbol that notifies you the page is loading? If so, know how aggravating it can be and you likely clicked out to another site. Slow loading web pages can affect your SEO. Why take the chance?

We all know that people have very little patience when browsing on different sites, they want to get all the information they need in a snap. This is the reason why we have developed this free web speed test tool.

It is our aim to help website owners in analyzing the website load time and how to improve performance. This Website Speed Test tool can determine which of your pages are fast or too slow.

Use this Website Speed Test tool if you have high bounce rate, it will show you which pages you need to improve for easy navigation. This is the only way to keep you visitors stay longer on your website which could also help you generate income if you are selling goods or offering services.

There are many website owners who have already experienced that they are losing a lot of money because their potential clients are not staying on the site due to poor performance and slow website load time. The obvious reason is that they never gone for page speed test and never paid any attention this website loading delay. Learn more about website speed issues...

Tools for the Taking
Whether you are a website owner, developer, or content provider, it’s important that you have a toolbox with all of the special tools that are required to help your site rank in the search engines. Although there are great suites of products out there, they can get expensive. Why pay for a tool when you can use it for free?
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