Here’s How It Works


LeadSource360 is an awesome insurance tool built by agents for agents. Your LeadSource360 Website creates a cycle that will attract qualified leads to your website on a continuous basis. Your prospect cycle begins with your WEBSITE which receives high rankings as a result of quality CONTENT. Your visitors become LEADS that you will CONVERT through outstanding selling skills combined with exceptional products. This lead generation cycle continues as you occasionally refresh your site with quality blog posts and news items that will interest and inform your visitors. 



By monitoring many life insurance websites, we have found that it can take 9 months to a year before your leads will begin to flow in from your website. We know that new websites attract very little attention until they are at least one or two years old. You can overcome this by implementing an advertising plan known as PAYPERCLICK (PPC). If you prefer to get your site generating leads right away, we can help you get set up with a PPC action plan. Many agents continue to purchase leads while their site is building a reputation and then at the right time, they simply shift resources. You are in control and we’ll be happy to offer options that will meet your budget.