Using video in your articles and blogs as another arrow in your SEO quiver makes tremendous sense if your intent is to increase your rankings in the search engines. In fact, the internet is inundated with articles announcing how video adds vitality to articles that are primarily informational and have no entertainment value.

Almost 80% of Users Recall watching a Video

According to, the use of videos help your visitors remember you and even take action. Video for SEO is a strategic method for getting and retaining visitors to your site.

This is where video content comes in. Accompanying the text with a high-quality video makes it stand out. Almost 80% of users recall watching a video in the past month, and 46% report taking some action on it! This alone is the biggest reason why you should start creating video content.

A video not only lends credibility to your message, it also showcases authority to the viewer in a matter of minutes. Moreover, a high-quality and engaging video draws interest and keeps viewers hooked for a longer duration. This is especially true for visual audiences who would rather watch than read content.

You can build traffic and credibility using videos by using popular platforms like Youtube as well. There are numerous ways in which one can invest in Youtube Marketing to gain traction and capitalize on existing audience for your content. Read More…

Videos offer entertainment and information simultaneously to your visitors, help to generate more social shares, and can be used in any content whether “page” or “post.” And above all, never neglect your landing pages.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Think about your own experience while browsing content on an interesting subject or videos for social sharing. The effectiveness of a well-placed video captures the viewer’s attention and holds it longer than text will.

Consider Search Engine Land’s take on the effectiveness of video for SEO:

The reason for such rapid growth in video advertising is its effectiveness. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth much more. Forrester estimates that one minute of video equates to 1.8 million words of text in the message communicated.

The effectiveness of video is more than just volume. Even with that much information crammed into one message, consumers remember videos. The Online Publishers Association states that 80 percent of users recall watching a video ad in the past month, with a whopping 46 percent of those taking some follow-up action, such as looking for more information or visiting the advertiser’s website.

LSA’s white paper cites similar numbers. LSA surveyed 2,000 consumers and found that 44 percent of buyers viewed an online video while searching for local products and services. Fifty-three percent of viewers contacted the business after watching a video, 51 percent visited the business website, and 33 percent visited the store. Seventy-one percent of viewers ended up making a purchase.Read the Article…

Video provides content in a completely more interesting and memorable format with “memorable” being the keyword. And speaking of keywords, always make certain that the video title contains them as well as the alt-text.

You can Drive Traffic to Your Videos

Since YouTube is a great search engine, it makes sense to drive traffic to your videos and then point the viewer back to your sales funnel. Ian Cleary at RazorSocial.Com shares incredible advice when it comes to using video content to drive your SEO.

To rank well on YouTube and on Google, your content must be targeted strategically. YouTube users are looking for content that is:

  • Helpful, such as how-to videos or product reviews
  • Entertaining, such as cat videos
  • Informative, such as news clips

Essentially, YouTubers want to learn new skills, solve problems, or be entertained. Therefore, a product ad typically won’t fare well on this network.

While a good marketing campaign and great calls-to-action can affect your views, comments, and shares, you can do more to impact the length of time users spend watching your videos.

The answer is simple: control how long your videos are. That, coupled with great content that will get users to stick around for the entire video, can help you rank Youtube videos higher. However, be careful that you’re not extending the video beyond what is needed, or you’ll only bore your viewers. Read the Article….

improve SEO

Lastly, let’s not fail to mention how continuous tracking will help reveal what types of videos are working better than others. Suffice it to say that “explainer” or “dyi” videos are not the only way to go, but if your site is selling products or services, they’re a pretty safe place to start.


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